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Welcome to SackGarden.com!

Maybe your yard is too small for a vegetable garden. Maybe you live in an apartment and only have a patio. Maybe you want to grow vegetables in your garage or small shed. Maybe you want to mount your vegetable garden on a fence vertically.

Maybe you want to take your vegetable garden to a friend's house to show it off!

Or maybe you just don't like to dig.

Whatever your reason, the answer to modular gardening is finally here! With SackGarden, you can grow all of your favorite plants and vegetables in simple to manage soil sacks that are just the right size to move around as you see fit. You will be amazed what you can do with SackGarden!

Photos in the right

Top, left: 2 lbs. of red potatoes produced 18 lbs. within 60 days.
Top, right: Silver Queen corn plants in sack.
Bottom, left: Sweet potato plants in sack.
Bottom, right: 1½ lbs. of Idaho potatoes produced 12 lbs. within 60 days.