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About SackGarden

Mr. Park With His Patent Certificates

SackGarden was developed and patented by the owner of Parkway Greenhouse, Hong Park - the same innovator who brought us the Amazing Air Propagator. Based in Huntsville, AL, Park's products have been shipped to all 50 US states, and 18 countries around the world.

As an operator of a retail greenhouse, Mr. Park is always seeking new ways to make horticulture more efficient in less space and shorter time periods.

The All New SackGarden!
This Garden Grown Through The Winter

Everyone loves home grown vegetables, but as of the 2010 census, more than 80% of the US population was shown to live in urban areas. Until now, this meant buying vegetables at the supermarket where the quality and freshness are out or your direct control.

But now, with the release of Hong Par's new SackGarden growing kits, you can get everything you need to gorw your plants and vegetables in whatever space you have available, be it a small yard, a fenceline, a patio, a garage, or what have you!

Say NO! To The Hoe!

The best part about SackGarden is there is no more digging, no more weeding - You can throw away your hoe forever!