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What Our Customers Say

Sack Garden Replaces Gzreen Thumb

I am an avid gardener, and visit Mr. Park's greenhouse frequently. Several weeks ago I stopped in with a friend that was visiting from St. Louis. She had expressed that she wished she had a green thumb, but did not have the knowledge, or the room to garden. Mr. Park pointed out the Sack Garden, and explained how it worked. The following week I shipped her a complete kit. She is now raising her own vegetables. It is also educational for her children and they are enjoying the whole experience.

This kit is great for the Urban Gardener, the beginning gardener, adn experience gardener. It does not take up much space, is easily maintained, and best of all NO WEEDING!

Amy Wood
Huntsville, AL

Susan P. Dooner
I am 78 years old and am unable to do normal gardening anymore. Mr. Park's SackGarden gives me gardening pleasure even with my physical limitations. This product is a lifelong gardener's best friend!

Frank Shen

We got the sack garden for our kids from Parkway Green House. See attached picture.

We want our kids to see how to plant vegetables and let them have some responsibility on taking care of the little sack garden. This has been very successful experiment, Our kids love it, they water the garden everyday, since vegetables grows inside the sack, there is no messy mud, it is very clean, I do not have to worry about clean their shoes.

The lettuces and strawberry grows easily in the sack. We harvest a few small cups of strawberry already. Overall, this has been a great learning experience for my kids, very easy and low maintenance garden. Most importantly, all organic and no harmful chemical fertilizer. We are very happy with the sack garden and it is a great new garden concept.